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Clarendon parents work closely with teachers and administration in matters of school governance. Parent leadership in this area enables quick response to challenges and opportunities for the school and students.

Clarendon has two separate and distinct programs on one school site (Second Community and the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program), resulting in twice the number of parent leaders on campus than might otherwise be expected. As many as twenty different elected parents lead their respective programs on issues that include school site and program finances, enrichment classes, program goals, direction and staff, as well as joint committees on safety and health matters. Each program features its own elected Executive Council, and these two groups work collaboratively as Joint Council with the school Principal. In addition to the Executive Councils and Joint Council, there is a School Site Council (SSC), which also includes members of the parent community from each program. The SSC members participate as representatives from their respective programs and report back to their Executive Councils on matters that affect the entire site. Each program holds monthly meetings with additional task-force meetings added on an as-needed basis.

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Maintaining high levels of general community engagement is a key part of parent-led governance. Each program manages its own public and private Web site(s) and distributes weekly/bi-weekly e-mail communication to their general population. The more connected and informed the parent community, the more engaged the community remains.

Parent leaders at Clarendon believe in teamwork. They share the responsibility for creating a strong school—it is their job as much as that of their teachers and administration. Respect for cultural differences within each program while staying true to the goals of the site is paramount. In this way, parents demonstrate examples of mutual respect by showing their children how to work well with others and how to work as a team