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Clarendon Elementary School was founded on the principle that parent involvement is critical to the overall success of our school.  Clarendon embraces the San Francisco Unified School District’s commitment to engage all families and to support students in their learning, growth, and development. We believe that families are the first and most influential teachers of their children and by engaging parents and families, Clarendon can help families develop the skills they need to be powerful advocates for their children’s educational success.

The District’s commitment in this area include standards for regular communication about what children are learning, access to teachers and the principal to discuss parents’ role in their children’s education, and opportunities to participate in school-wide decision-making and leadership development activities. The practice of parent involvement at Clarendon meets and builds upon these expectations, beginning with a fundamental commitment to delivering an extraordinary education for every child.  Myriad outlets for parent involvement include robust participation in School Site Council and active parent associations.   As a school community, we work together towards closing the achievement gap, improving API scores, minimizing suspension rates, teaching to the highest national professional standards, and cultivating a life-long love of learning among all students. In collaboration with our excellent teaching staff, our community demonstrates that positive educational outcomes occur when the parents support the school efforts through contributions of their own time, talent and resources.


Description of the Practice


Clarendon embraces the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Parents view Clarendon as a second home for their children, and as such, are encouraged to be as active at school as they would be at home. Using parent support as a resource both in and outside of the classroom enables teachers to go into greater depth with each student; challenging them and helping them achieve their educational goals in ways that would be otherwise unavailable.

As early as pre-enrollment school tours, we assure prospective families of their value in the Clarendon parent community. Clarendon begins building parent support as soon as families enroll. During summertime welcome picnics hosted by parent volunteers, new families are introduced to the numerous volunteer opportunities available. The value of volunteerism and support is reinforced at Back-to-School Night in September. Volunteerism and parent support is consistent and thorough all year long. Weekly newsletters encourage and express appreciation for all volunteer activity. As a result, more than 40% of our families feature at least one parent holding a leadership position within school governance, classroom management, and fund-raising and event organization. Nearly 100% of our families demonstrate their commitment to excellence at our school through either financial support or volunteerism during school events, with classroom activities and field trips, school site cleanup, morning drop off and noontime yard duty.