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Clarendon Library

Clarendon has a well-stocked library which includes an online card catalog and an ELMO projection system. All Clarendon students visit the library once a week for instruction and book exploration.


The Clarendon Library resources, including the online book catalog, are accessible from your home as well as from within the school.


To access the Clarendon Library home page, go to and then select “Library Catalog”


The home page includes a variety of resources designed for kids.


Click Online Catalog for more details on accessing the Library Catalog.

Click Library Staff and Duties for more details on the services provided by Clarendon's Librarians, and how to contact them.

Click Volunteer Opportunities and Donations for details on how you can personally contribute to Clarendon's library.


Replacing Lost Books


Parents are expected to replace lost or damaged books.  This can be done by either:

  • Replacing the book with another copy of the same title in good condition. You may find a good condition used copy at Green Apple or other used bookstores. New and used copies can be purchased from Amazon.
  • Pay for the cost of the book with cash or check made out to “Clarendon Library” A receipt will e provided to show proof of payment. Keep in mind that the library does not carry change for cash payments.


Book Acquisition and Weeding


Each year the Library purchases new books and weeds out books no longer needed.

Book acquisition and library renovation (e.g. new furniture) is funded through a combination of Proposition H funding and Parent PAC donations. The current level of Prop H funding is in the range of $16-18 per pupil.

Deaccessioned books are first offered to teachers, for use in their classroom bookshelf, and any left over are given away to students.


Programs “In the Works” 


Book FairPlanning is underway with the hope of again organizing a Clarendon book fair.

Author VisitsWhen sufficient funds are accumulated, the Library will organize author visits.