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Computer Lab

The Clarendon Computer Lab is a place of exploration and skill development. All students, including Kindergarten students, are scheduled for a 45 minute session once a week.  The computer lab's two instructors double as curriculum specialists, one focusing on K-2 education, and the other on grades 3-5 education. Lab activity is integrated into the class curriculum as much as possible. For example, the upper grades collaborate on group projects, such as a presentation on California history, using Google Docs. Students work on these projects both while in the computer lab and from their home computer.


The computer lab web site is and is available 24/7, and includes valuable online learning materials and research databases. The public is welcome to enjoy the curated content found on the Clarendon Computer Lab web sites.


To see grade K-2 resources, select the  link and then click the "GO" button (access made easy for the Kindergarten kids).


To see grade 3-5 resources, select the  link and then click the "Teachers" link. The web page "Clarendon Teachers" will appear. Please note the links on the left by teacher name. These links take you to the individual classroom assignments and resources for the current week. 


Integrating Computing into the Curriculum


For an overview of how computing is integrated into the core curriculum at Clarendon, please visit web page Integrating Computing into the Curriculum.


Computer Lab Equipment


The lab includes a a complete set of equipment for classroom instruction:

  • video projector
  • instructor's dedicated computer
  • 24 Apple iMac computers with large monitors for student use
  • business class color printer & B&W printer

Additionally the lab maintains portable equipment for classroom use, by teacher reservation. These include:

  • 14 iPads for JBBP classroom use
  • 10 laptops available to both programs

Equipment in the Clarendon Computer Lab is funded by parent donations and grants. 


Internet Connectivity at Clarendon


Clarendon was recently upgraded with a 1 gigabit fiber optic link to the school district network, which in turn has access to a 10 gigabit internet backbone for public schools in California. The actual bandwidth delivered to the computer lab is less than 1 gigabit, but still considerable. Classrooms and bungalows have a combination of wired and WiFi internet access managed centrally by SFUSD IT department.